DUI Success Stories

People v H.L.

Defendant was stopped for speeding 31 mph over the speed limit. Statutory summary suspension was rescinded.

People v B.S.

Defendant crashed his vehicle on I-88. The defendant breath results was in excess of .20. Case was dismissed because of no probable cause.

People v J.S.

Successfully negotiated rescission based upon hardship to drive.

People v A.B.

Rescission granted after defective warnings.

People v D.N.

DUI dismissed after finding of no probable cause. Officer testified client failed field sobriety tests.

People v B.C.

Not Guilty at trial after defendant was charged with DUI. Client failed field sobriety tests.

People v C.G.

The client crashed into parked car. Breath results over .15. Case dismissed after no probable cause was found at motion.